Things you should know when building a bearded dragon cage

The habitat that you create will be home for your bearded dragons, where the send almost of their lifetime. Building a bearded dragon cage that meets their entire requirement will ensure they have a healthy and happy life. In order to give them a good home, you will need some basic factors: The cage, the substrate, the lighting system, and the heating system.

What type of enclosure you should use?

Although there are so many types of the cage that you can buy or DIY such as wood and screen materials. But this is not a good cage for your bearded dragon. We recommend you choose a glass or plastic cage. Glass cage has a reasonable price but not lightweight, have a risk of cracks and break. Plastic cage takes more cost but good at maintaining heat, more durable, lightweight, easy to clean.

What is the best bedding for bearded dragon?

Substrate or you can know as bedding, this is the material that lines the floor of the cage. You can use paper towels or newspaper as bedding because these things always available, cheap, easy to replace and clean but they look not very attractive. The important things that substrates you use have to safe, un-irritation with bearded dragon skin and eyes. There are some other bedding that you can try such as vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles, slate, reptile carpets.

Bearded dragon lighting

Ensure that your bearded dragons received enough UV light in their enclosure, especially UVB light. They need UVB to absorb vitamin D3 and utilize calcium within their body, if it not, your pet can suffer from some health problems like bone disease. Before bringing bearded dragons home, you need to install all the UV light in their cage, learning what is the best bulbs to use, where you should place these bulbs.

The heating systems

Besides lighting, heating is also one of the most important factors in their cage. Because lizards are cold blood animals, they rely on the environment for warmth. The ideal temperature inside the cage should be80-85 F degrees. It can do down at night. The basking area should be 100-150 F degrees. Depending on your room’s temperature, you may need more than one heating system in the cage.

Best Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis can be female or male, but only female cannabis produce buds. The female flower is pollinated for reproduction with the help of a male plant, after which it produces cannabis seeds. When the seeds are ripe, the female plant starts to die, and the cannabis seeds are harvested or dropped to the ground and converted into food products, seed oil, or sown to become the future generation of plants. There are different types of cannabis seeds in different parts of the world. Here are the best cannabis seeds.

#1 Cinex (Sativa)

Cinex is the best cannabis seed, which is known for its strong THC levels that are generally between 20 and 24% in laboratory tests. Besides, the plant which bears these has a high yield. On average, 16 ounces of the plant is grown outdoors and also 19 ounces per square meter grown indoors. Due to the genetic reproduction of Vortex and Cinderella 99, these plants are quite thick, especially for Citex, which makes them suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Don't worry about having a huge plant growing room.

#2 Northern Lights

Generally, this type of cannabis seed does not exceed 5.5 feet and can be planted indoors or outdoors. Unlike different seeds, Northern Lights is a very pure seed made from two local strains, Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa, making it an outdated crop. Maintenance, which is known to be inherently resistant to various diseases, is not a problem for Northern Lights. However, it works best in hot, dry Mediterranean climates, which can be difficult to manage indoors and require strict control of the moisture.

#3 Papaya

This is the best cannabis seed which its main feature is to facilitate growth that is ready for harvest after about eight weeks of flowering. The flowering reaches only 3 feet at the highest point, which has strong sedative effects, which make it effective for deep sleep, especially for those who have insomnia. Successful papaya growers have reported that this type of cannabis seeds grows well, even under stressful conditions, since it's naturally resistant to mold and mildew.

In Loving Memory ~ Par Amour En La Memoire

The past couple of months have been the hardest of my life no doubt. I tend to keep it light here on the blog but I can’t pretend to write another post as if nothing happened. I had experienced it before through friends of mine but you really never know the feeling until you go through it yourself. I lost my dad and part of me is so broken I don’t know if it will ever get fixed. I was such a daddy’s girl but in all my turmoil, I remember something my dad told me once he said he couldn’t afford to be down because he carried all the family on his shoulders. I am thus reaching very deep inside of me to keep afloat, I must say God is great for giving me the blessing of knowing my dad for as long as I have, for the special relationship I had with my dad, for all the love he showed me, for the education he gave me. When anyone face this sort of loss we hurt so bad that we forget all these blessings that we take for granted. I thank God for the life my dad lived, he was a doctor and touched so many families through his work and always put others first. I know dad is looking down on me and I promise you to make you proud and honour your memory always. I love you more than words can ever express it dad and I miss you loads. Ces derniere mois ont ete les plus douloureux de mon existence sans doute. Je garde generalement le blog plutot leger mais je ne peux pas pretendre ecrire un autre poste comme si de rien etait. Je l’avais déjà vecu a travers des amis mais on ne sait jamais vraiment ce que c’est tant qu’on ne le vit pas soi meme. J’ai perdu mon papa et une partie de moi est tellement brisee que je ne sais pas si elle pourra un jour être reparee. J’etais franchement une fille a papa mais dans tout mon desarroi je me souviens d’une parole que mon papa m’avait dit, il disait qu’il ne pouvait pas se permettre d’être demoralise parcequ’il portait toute la famille sur son dos. Je puise donc au plus profond de moi meme pour rester en surface, je dois dire que Dieu est infiniment bon pour m’avoir accorder la grace de connaitre mon pere aussi longtemps, pour la relation speciale que j’ai eu avec mon  pere, pour tout l’amour dont il m’a choye, pour l’education qu’il m’a donne. Quand une personne fait face a ce genre de perte, ca fait tellement mal qu’on oublie toutes ces graces qu’on prend pour des acquis. Je remercie le seigneur pour la vie que mon papa a vecu, il etait un medecin et a touché tant de familles a travers son travail et mettait toujours les autres en premier. Je sais que papa me regarde du haut et je te promets de faire ta fierete et honorer ta Memoire pour toujours. Je t’aime papa plus que les mots ne peuvent l’exprimer et tu me manque enormement.

Cleaning tank equipment at aquarium pet shop near me

If you are an owner of the aquarium, I am sure that you have had a big headache on cleaning your fish tank. It took you a lot of time and many things you need to notice. When cleaning your tank, remember that you should not over clean it. There are many necessary beneficial bacterial are exist in an aquarium can be removed by excessive cleaning. Maybe you have been finding out for “aquarium pet shop near me” to buy something to help you clean this aquarium. It is a good way to start but you still need a guide to follow.

#1 Aquarium water testing

With a newly set up aquarium, water testing is critical to help fish avoid ammoniac, pH and nitrite increase quickly. You need to test the water at least once a week. If you feel uncomfortable to do it by your self, finding for “aquarium shop near me” and ask if they have a service of water tests.

#2 Change water

We recommend that change tour tank water every 2-4 weeks and change about 25% water in your tank. Or you can change 10-15% of the water in the tank every week.

#3 Using vacuum gravel while changing water

The best aquarium gravel vacuum is a tool that siphons fish waste, dead plants, excess food from the substrate during changing water and maintain a natural balance. You can buy a gravel vacuum in every aquarium sales near me for around $8-$20.

#4 Cleaning tank decorations

You may want to decor your tank with some accessories such as colorful starfish, seahorses or stones. But these things will also accumulate algae and scale after a long time in the tank. Buying a bleach solution and soak and scrub these things for 15 minutes to clean them.

#5 Change carbon filter

After 4 weeks of using, the carbon filter will lose its ability to toxins absorbing. You have to change this filter regularly to eliminate dissolved toxins from your aquarium water.

How to choose the best aquarium starter kit?

Aquariums are one of the elegant delights of a long time ago, but they are growing and being upgraded. The aquarium is now much nicer with the help of various equipment and decorations. Building an aquarium is a challenge but it is a fun challenge. People are willing to spend time and effort in setting it up. However, for beginners or those who have not installed an aquarium for a long time, choosing a suitable aquarium and equipment is quite difficult. But fortunately, there are many aquarium starter kits available on the market today. It includes a fish tank and associated equipment so you don't need to invest much. Here's what an inexperienced person needs to know in order to choose the best aquarium starter kit.

#1 Size and shape

Size and shape are the first things you should consider before buying the best aquarium starter kits. The aquarium starter kit comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, so choosing it is not easy. However, keep in mind that the bigger the fish tank, the better the gas exchange and water oxidation will help the fish and other plants in the tank live better. A large tank is also easier to clean than a small tank. Really? Yes, exactly. A small aquarium will not have built-in cleaning devices so it is difficult to clean the tank regularly. And you should also choose tanks with a rectangle instead of a circle. A circular tank looks nice but will be difficult for you to set up.

#2 Placement

Before buying any aquarium, you should consider its location. The location of the tank should never be exposed to direct sunlight as it can cause the tank to get hot and algae will grow quickly. You should also consider the basis for placing the aquarium on top, it must be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the aquarium. Each gallon is equivalent to 10 lbs so you should carefully calculate to avoid the tank from falling. Remember to add the weight when you fill the tank with water.

#3 Glass or acrylic?

Glass is less expensive, doesn't scratch easily, and provides a clear view over time. But it is very fragile and quite heavy. Acrylic is more expensive but lightweight and durable. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should consider carefully to choose the most suitable material.

How to feed an adult bearded dragon?

In the natural, breaded dragon is mainly found and live in the hot, dry desert of central Australia. Breaded dragons are usually quite easy to feed, they can eat from a bowl or from your hand as well. It is a good idea to establish a feeding routine for your bearded dragon and then they will wait until feeding time. For different age of life, breaded dragon requires their different diets. Normally, a baby bearded dragon will need to be fed more smaller meals than an adult breaded dragon.

When is a bearded dragon turn to an adult?

A bearded dragon will usually start the adult diet regime from 12 to 18 months. In this stage of life, a bearded dragon will completely grow. Therefore, in this period, you should change your bearded dragon’s diet from providing a large nutrient and feed them several times a day to feed less frequently. The ratio of nutrients and food will be changed as well.

Adult bearded dragon food

When your bearded dragon becomes an adult, if they are not in pregnancy, their feeding time also should be less than before. An adult bearded dragon requires a flexible diet between insects and vegetables. A diet with more vegetables, fruit and fewer insects will be better for them because, in a captivity environment, your dragon will have a chance to become obese easily. The best ratio for an adult should be 20% of insects and 80% of vegetables. You can buy some dark greens vegetables such as watercress and kale for them. Besides, keep an eye on their growth rate and adjust ratio and amount of food to avoid obesity. Note: Never use the best substrate for bearded dragons as a food dish which can cause some bad effects to your pet.

Nutrient supplements

Instead of a diet, you also should provide vitamin and calcium for your adult bearded dragon. With an adult, receiving vitamin and calcium/D3 supplement once a week is better for them.

How to choose the best outdoor turkey fryer?

Turkey is a traditional and indispensable dish of millions of people and you can find it in any house of Thanksgiving. However, fried turkey is not easy to prepare because of its size, you can cook it undercooked or over-fry it to burn. And you may even find it more difficult not to use the right kind of kitchen utensils to fry turkeys. Therefore, a best outdoor turkey fryer is an effective tool to help you have a great fried turkey on Thanksgiving. It is important that you know how to choose a good outdoor turkey fryer, first consider some of the following:

#1 Capacity

Capacity is the first factor that you should consider when choosing outdoor turkey fryer because turkey is a large sized food. You should choose the high-capacity fryer, it is best to choose the fryer can accommodate a turkey of 30 lb or more. Thanksgiving is always a day where we can gather with family, relatives, and friends, so we always need a big turkey.

#2 Material

Because the turkey fryer must contain large amounts of food, you need to choose good quality ones to accommodate this large amount. The special burner bracket must be sure to handle the weight of a turkey and the amount of oil in it. It should be made of thick and strong steel and should not rust. The fryer should not be made of material that is prone to melting when exposed to high temperatures or too thin to be punctured at any time.

#3 Ease of cleaning

To fry turkey you have to use a lot of cooking oil and this is not something you can wipe off easily. A good outdoor turkey fryer should be made of a material that can be easily cleaned to ensure food safety. And when clean, the fryer's lifespan is also greatly increased.

#4 Ease of use

A turkry fryer should be an easy-to-use tool that can save you time preparing other dishes. The device should also be easy to use and install so you do not have to make any mistakes, avoiding unfortunate accidents.

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What makes the best cheese plane?

Have you ever planning cheese with an ordinary knife and it ended up crumbling? Luckily, with the best cheese plane slicer, everything will be a lot easier. Compare to the other knife, a plane is better on control the thickness and thinness of your cheese. Have a cheese plane help you quickly prepare your meals? It is an important part of your kitchenware. A cheese plane will save your time, energy and also ensure the prices of cheese that be planed are exactly the same. Here are some tips for you if you ever feel the dilemma of choosing the best cheese plane:

#1 Size

If you do not have a lot of space in your kitchen, a compact and portable cheese plane is a good idea for you. The lightweight and simple cheese plane is also great for thin pieces. On the other hand, with a large space in the kitchen room, the heavier-duty plane is more useful if you like hard-cheese.

#2 Safety features

To be the best cheese plane, it should have safety features. A cheese plane that comes with a non-slip handle will ensure that your finger couldn’t be cut by the plane. If your plane cheese is a kind of cutting board, it needs to have a rubber at the bottom to make sure that it won’t slip.

#3 Durability and warranty

Good planning cheese equipment needs to mention its durability and warranty. The best material for a plane is stainless steel and zinc alloy. They are durable, long-lasting materials and also providing superior functionality even after a long time of use. Furthermore, these material also help the plane avoid rust and do not contain any substances that may harm your health. Most manufacturers will offer you about one year of warranty. Ensure that the plane you are going to buy is come with a lifetime of warranty and replaceable option.

Happy Easter

I hope you are are having a great time on this Easter Sunday. I am fresh off from church and this is what i wore. I had my peplum Topshop jacket on top of this but none of the pictures with the jacket on came out fine but i’ve worn that jacket previously here. My fave colour blue is center stage here and brought to life with a little colour blocking and my beloved Chloe bag. I told you flared trousers are back and see they need not be scary dont you think? J’espere que vous passer un super moment en ce Dimanche de Paques. Je sors tout juste de l’eglise et voici ce que je portais. J’avais ma veste Topshop au dessus mais aucune photo avec la veste n’est bien sorti mais je l’ai mise anterieurement ici. Ma couleur preferee le bleu est le centre d’attention ici et elle est ravivee par un petit block de couleur et mon amour de sac Chloe. Je vous ai dit que les pantalons pattes d’ef etaient de retour voyez il ne font pas forcement peur n’est-ce pas?


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