How to proper use the best survival clothing?

When faced with the harshest conditions, the best survival clothing can be the difference between life and death. To ready to tackle all obstacles in various climates, you have to choose the right clothes and use them for proper purpose that they are designed for.

Even you are in a survival situation unexpectedly or you want to explore new things outdoor, survival tools such as wool blankets or survival clothing will make you confident to have the ultimate comfortable experience. Follow our advices and tips below to know proper way to use and choose survival clothing.

#1 Materials

When it comes to material, the options that you can choose are almost endless. Here are some tips for the ideal survival clothing materials.

Cotton is one of the most common material that made of clothes. However, we want to recommend you avoid cotton in the survival clothes. Cotton absorb very well, that means it retains water and this make it heavy and slow to dry. In case if you have to walk across the stream or walk in the rain, the cotton cloth will become your obstacle.

Wool is the ideal material for survival clothing. It can retain heat even when it wet. Wool also the natural fire resistant material in the emergency situation. However, it is usually pretty costly but is definitely durable and worth your money.

There are also some materials that made from synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester. They are highly appreciated for their ability of water resistant, quick drying, offer protection for UV rays, and can be packed into very small spaces.

#2 Layering clothing

Layering clothing is always better than wearing one think layer. Layering clothing is an effective way of increasing insulation and allow you to adjust your body temperature. If you’re wearing one layer such as a big winter coat, you don’t have any way to adjust your temperature when you feel too hot. It is also a clever way to deal with different temperatures of the day.

You should wear three different layers: The base layer is innermost layer that keep you dry and regulate moisture. The middle layer help trap your body heat. And the outer layer can be a waterproof outer coat or poncho.

#3 Protective features

The main purpose of waring survival clothing is to protect you from external elements of enviroment surrounding. There are some protective features that should come with the survival clothes you buy.

UV protection is the most important feature to look for.Wheather you prepare for hiking,camping, or trek a desert. UV protection clothes will keep your skin from burning and blistering under the UV rays of hot sun.

Biting insects also a troublesome that even can lead to some infectious disease. Insect protection is also must have feature. It can help keep disease carrying organisms like mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks far away from you.