It is obvious that the best camping multi tool is the essential part of any outdoor task that can handle many situations. However, I realized that the biggest problem with the camping multi tools that I have been used before is that the moving parts of it tent to be break over time. Plus, the moving parts also add complexity and bulk. This is why I want to get a one-piece camping tool. The one-piece multi tool has a simple design. It does not include any moving parts but still effective, easy to use, travel-friendly and discreet. If you do not need a tool for a lot of demand tasks, then one-piece camping multi tool is good way to go.

#1 Koygani Design MyKee Brushed Titanium Multi-Tool Key

You can expect that MyKee Titanium Multi-Tool is more effective, durable and also lighter than others multi-tool. Although it is simple design, it is a combination of 18 functions in 1 tool that ensure the long lasting even under daily wear and tear. It is made of stainless steel and titanium material, what make it corrode and rust resistant. It is made in the USA and design in the key shape, so if you want to get something discreet, it is a good option as you can add it on your keyring without any attention. About its function, it includes a bottle opener, blade, and hex set, and also a screwdriver as well. Additionally, there are a blade at the side of the key that can be used as an opener for seal, letter, pill, opener, lotto scratcher, cuticle pusher, tag popper, and even a peeler for some root veggies. This useful multi-tool is also affordable that can satisfy your needs.

#2 LEATHERMAN, Brewzer Keychain Bottle Opener

It can be a shortcoming if I do not mention LEATHERMAN products on this list. The Leatherman Brewzer is absolutely effective tool that can help you open the bottle of brew any time you want. It comes with a flat tip, which you can use to pry. It is made of stainless steel material for the most durability. It is designed to perfectly add on your keychain or in your pocket due to that simple design and compact size. It only weighs 0.01 Kilograms and the length is just 5.5 inches, what makes it one of the smallest multi-tool on the market. The Leatherman product is well-known by their quality and  takes unusual quality assurance measures during process to ensure the product are sold on the market without any damage and last for such a very long time. It is even more wonderful with the 25-year life time warranty. That means during 25 year after you bought the Brewzer Keychain, if there is any problem comes from the product, Leatherman will replace or repair it for you. If you bought Brewzer Keychain from a company-authorized dealer, so you can be required to use this customer service.

#3 Kershaw PT-2 Compact Keychain Pry Tool

Although Kershaw PT-2 multi-tool is made in China and is an inexpensive tool, but you can expect that it offers you the great quality. This Chinese steel is the combine of carbon and a bit less nickel, what makes it is very strong and durable. The materials making it is wear resistant and last for long. It is coated with Bead-Blasted for more attractive. It is designed to easy carry due to its small size and keychain shape, the Kershaw PT-2 multi-tool can be an addition for your keychains or lanyards. It even comes with the lanyard hole at the top, where you can hook on your purse, backpack, or pocket. It can be used as bottle opener, mini pry bar, flathead screwdriver tips, hex wrenches with 3 sizes, and wire scraper. All of these features make it very useful to carry with whenever you are outdoor. The handle is made of nylon and being filled with glass overlay with exclusive K-texture pattern. This pattern offers the safe, firmly grip for user.  It is corrosion-resistant that can last for so long and aside from the function below, it is also a box opener, a knife for cutting tape, or a can opener. It is the perfect multi-tool to open your glass bottles, drive bolts, tighten different sizes of screws, remove nails, splice wires, or pry open a variety of objects.

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