A meat slicer is very useful, convenient kitchen equipment in your home. It. Is not only good for slicing all of your deli meats, raw and uncooked meats, but also can be used to slice vegetables, cheeses, breads and all other soft food. When choosing the best meat slicer, you will want to make sure that the machine you get has the good quality used to construct it that worth your money. Keep reading this post to get the strong and sturdy construction of meat slicer.

#1 Rubber footprints

Do not under estimate the important of rubber footprints. The rubber stoppers on the legs of the meat slicers will help to keep it from moving too much while using. The rubber footprints will ensure the machine won’t wobble around. Without rubber footprints, it can be a safety hazard for you and cause inconsistency in the size of the meat being sliced.

#2 Motor

It is obvious that the best meat slicer should be very powerful and the motor is strong enough to not be burned up when handle harder foods or heavy-duty task or when the slicer is being used for an extended period of time. There is a tip to know the motor of slicer is powerful or not is choosing a gear-driven motor. Gear driven motors tend to be much faster and stronger, especially on the larger models. While the older models may use the belt driven motors, which are less powerful or fast.

#3 Blades

There is no wirecutter meat slicer, all type of meat slicers uses blades to cut. Anyone who has used a meat slicer will know how important the blades are. There are some types of blade that come with the machine. But it is better to get the meat slicers that give you extra blades that you are able to switch out. Serrated blades are typically better to cut breads and some of the tougher meats, frozen meats. The straight edge rotor blades are used to cut softer raw meat, cheese or vegetable. Make sure it is very sharp and made from stainless steel as these types of blades do not rest and can cut through almost anything. It is even better if the slicer has a built-in blade sharpener or you will need to buy a separate one. The built-in blade sharpener allows you to sharpen your blade with just the push of a button.