an intense feeling of deep affection. I guess you can say I LOVE FISHING. I mean I write about it. Talk about it. And do something pretty fishy almost every day. You can almost say I am in love with fishing (please don’t tell my wife).
I wear and wash this shirt so much it is starting to fade
So when I got this shirt it became my favorite immediately. And you can tell because it is wearing down after only a few months of having it. But the craziest thing about it is that I get complemented on it everywhere I go. People are constantly stopping me to tell me how much they like the shirt and saying things like, “This is going to be Bob’s Christmas gift,” and “Where did you get it? My husband would love that shirt.” Which is why I am writing this. Because everyone who has a love for fishing should be wearing it. You can find it on Woo! Tungsten’s website. Don’t worry. This is the link right here. Do yourself a solid and click above, order, and show the world your passion. Or give the angler in your life a gift that speaks to his or her heart. (and buy some Woo! Tungsten weights while you are there 🙂