I’ve been talking kayaks for years now and have set my butt in my fair share of different plastic boats. Typically they are all different – uniquely featured to cater to a particular fishing style that fits an angler the best, and because there is no one size fit all kayak on the market I never thought I would find the one right kayak for me. After years of searching I came to the realization that I would have to own multiple kayaks for multiple situations, which did not fit our living arrangements very well, and before long I have a handful of kayaks taking up the kids play area and a wife giving me the stare. (If you are married you know that stare!) My prayers we answered when NuCanoe designed The Pursuit, a hybrid kayak that checks off all of the needs on my list. Now let me quickly clarify something. By no means am I saying this kayak is the best on the market or the one you should rush off to demo. This post is to simply allow you to understand my choice in a kayak and to highlight the features that have benefited me. Now back to the Pursuit. For a quick overview, the Pursuit is a hybrid kayak that sits at 13.5’ long and is 35’’ at its widest point. Weight is roughly 82lbs. Unlike its brothers and sisters in the NuCanoe family it sits only one. The width of the yak helps in its stability (which is essential for me) and its length allows it to track fairly well. But that was not the selling points. What I liked the most about the Pursuit is its open, free of clutter, free to customize deck. There is literally nothing in your way which makes it a very good platform to make your own. I am a simple guy and like very little when it comes to kayak rigging. The Pursuit gave me just that. Everything was planned out. The internal rod tubes and paddle holder on the sides allow me to place my gear out of the way when not in use. The crate spaces on the bow and stern gives me the freedom to place my cooler, battery for the motor (I will get to that shortly), or fish bag out of the way while not cluttering up my leg space. I’m 6’4 – all legs. I need the leg space.   And then there is the motor capability. Motors are somewhat controversial in the kayak fishing industry but I personally love the idea. The transom on the Pursuit is squared and the kayak is rated for up to a 2.5 HP or equivalent motor. In addition, NuCanoe is coming out with a Plug and Play Motor Solution in the coming months. (See video below) There are always dislikes and I would be doing you a disservice if I did not tell you what I do not like about this kayak. First and foremost is the lack of handles. There are two handles that come equipped on the kayak. One at the bow and the stern. Having two on the sides would help loading and transporting the kayak. I should be installing these in the very near future. The only other dislike (sort of) is the scuppers. I wish they were a tab bit larger but they still drain the deck well. It is not something I tend to worry about. The Pursuit by NuCanoe is a stable, relatively fast kayak that fits ME! Oh and I almost forgot to mention to check out the sweet, custom padding kit Seadek provided for me! You can see more at www.Seadek.com Come back shortly for a full overview video on the NuCanoe Pursuit. To find out more about NuCanoe or the Pursuit, head over to www.NuCanoe.com